Playing LT30 as Koreans

It’s been a while since my English nation and United Earth in LT30 was invaded and mostly conquered. However England is indeed still alive and part of the worldwide nations fighting against the same common enemy. Sadly only England and Finns were able to escape from our homeland of United Earth but the resistance still continues. Westminster sadly was conquered, too.

However I’ve found a new home from the Noobish Squad playing Korean empire as a regent for Steelsk. Since I am part of their alliance now I cannot blog as openly as I’ve been writing. Although we have some videos coming up once I get permission to publish them.

One of my new passions playing Freeciv as Koreans was to setup an Intelligence Agency. Here’s a chart of my missions worldwide:

Playing these micro-missions each turn is actually more fun than I espected. Of course it would be even more fun if Freeciv supported this type of play better… but with little imagination, time and passion you can do a lot of things from the basic mechanism.

We also have a memorial wall:

[Check also Realtime updated version of Freeciv-LT30-MemorialWall-Korean.png]


Behind the Game – Continent Numbers

In Freeciv the continent numbers are one of the internal bits of detail about your land and the world that is available to the player. In a perfect game, I don’t think you should see this data, but because Freeciv shows it to everybody, I don’t see it as cheating either.

I spotted details about continent numbers from the LT30 chat:

“Continent numbers are assigned beginning at the upper-left corner of the map, and proceeding right and down. The reason that large continents generally get low numbers is that the code is more likely to run into them than smaller continents. While smaller numbers tend to indicate larger continents, that’s not always the case.”

— written by Sgik in LT30 chat

You can check your continent numbers by moving mouse over a tile and pressing down middle mouse button. See the red underlined number in the example image: this tile is on the continent #39 — there’s at least 38 other continents in the world.

Some clients do it differently: I recall Mac version used alt and left or right mouse button. However I cannot confirm it since I don’t have a Mac to test it right now.