Notice to Karelian Leader

Subject: Notice Regarding Karelian Naval Presence Near British Borders

Dear Paavo, Leader of the Karelian Empire,

I hope this message finds you well. As a border patrol officer for the British Empire, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety and sovereignty of our nation’s borders.

It has come to our attention that a Karelian Destroyer, level 0, has been spotted in close proximity to our islands. This vessel is currently situated closer to our territories than to those of the Karelian Empire. We have observed that it aligns with the same line where our naval units are positioned for defensive border operations.

The presence of your naval vessel in such close vicinity to our borders is a cause for concern and cannot be overlooked. The British Empire values peace and mutual respect among neighboring nations, and we believe in maintaining clear and respectful boundaries.

In light of these observations, we kindly request that the Karelian Destroyer be redirected away from our territorial waters to maintain a respectful distance from our borders. This action will help to prevent any misunderstandings or unintended escalations between our two nations.

We understand that international waters can be a complex arena, and we are open to a diplomatic dialogue to address any navigational errors or misinterpretations that may have led to this situation.

We appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and look forward to your cooperation in ensuring a peaceful and respectful coexistence between our nations.

Border Patrol Officer,
British Empire

We are called cheaters… for a turn

Once our alliance in LT30 started winning the war, the balance has shifted so that now we are called cheaters by our enemies for mostly the same “tricks” that were being used against us a moment ago.

There is on the forum some videos of fighter trick I am using to (legally) secure my troops on enemy field:

I didn’t actually learn this trick here. I knew it from Freeciv 2.0 games we played years ago. I haven’t been using it much lately since there is a way to fix this with a server option — and we have been using it at in our last games.

This unit used like this might be annoying but it isn’t actually a bug nor a cheat. I am using a stealth fighter here. It doesn’t show on the map unless you are in adjacent tile — just like submarines, stealth bombers, etc. When you have mechinf + fighter on the same tile, you cannot attack that tile with ground units, and attacking with air units will need to kill the ground unit first. Hence you need to loose good amount of shields to kill that.

Funny thing has been that most of our mistakes in the game — like cease fires running out when we were trying to unite all the world in one big alliance — has been taken as signs of cheating from our enemies. For example we lost great amounts of units just a few turns ago and left many cities undefended because of that, and still, they thought we had done something very frightening (leagal) cheating. Isn’t it sign that we are very skilled in mind games?

Playing LT30 as Koreans

It’s been a while since my English nation and United Earth in LT30 was invaded and mostly conquered. However England is indeed still alive and part of the worldwide nations fighting against the same common enemy. Sadly only England and Finns were able to escape from our homeland of United Earth but the resistance still continues. Westminster sadly was conquered, too.

However I’ve found a new home from the Noobish Squad playing Korean empire as a regent for Steelsk. Since I am part of their alliance now I cannot blog as openly as I’ve been writing. Although we have some videos coming up once I get permission to publish them.

One of my new passions playing Freeciv as Koreans was to setup an Intelligence Agency. Here’s a chart of my missions worldwide:

Playing these micro-missions each turn is actually more fun than I espected. Of course it would be even more fun if Freeciv supported this type of play better… but with little imagination, time and passion you can do a lot of things from the basic mechanism.

We also have a memorial wall:

[Check also Realtime updated version of Freeciv-LT30-MemorialWall-Korean.png]


Things you can do when under attack from the Dark One itself…

…sorry, I mean superior double turning cheaters — sorry — I really mean just superior enemy.

  •  You can sell some buildings. Your enemy will anyway sell them, too. Good buildings to sell are Sewer Systems, Aquaducts, etc. You don’t need them if you are anyway loosing. Those buildings are only needed to grow your cities. You don’t need them to keep your cities that size.
  • Use spies to steal from conquered enemy cities. Even if you’re not going to use the techs, you can help someone else to survive by giving it to them. For return you probably get lots of gold — you are really going to need all of it, too!
  • Use some of your units to pillage roads before the enemy advances further

Please let me know if you know more things to do. :-)

(Yes, I am under an attack from KG, Terror, dt0r, maho, etc. Actually we all are in LT30 if you didn’t know it already.)

Update: To clarify the term cheating: I call it cheating to build roads under one minute before turn change and then using them right after to conquer cities. It’s abuse of the original game system. It just hasn’t been fixed in the server (yet). However it looks like this type of abuse is normal business in Longturn games. (It’s btw forbidden in our Finnish game rules as is much of the other abuses Longturn allows.)