England liberated Westminster

It’s turn T128 of LT30 and England just liberated our occupied original capital city Westminster.

This is the mark of end of the World War that splitted the world in the game.

We made something that has never happened successfully in Longturn’s history before. Peaceful nations united against one common enemy and we won the fight. It was fun to be part of history, even if it was just a game! Thanks for the game!

We are called cheaters… for a turn

Once our alliance in LT30 started winning the war, the balance has shifted so that now we are called cheaters by our enemies for mostly the same “tricks” that were being used against us a moment ago.

There is on the forum some videos of fighter trick I am using to (legally) secure my troops on enemy field: http://forum.longturn.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1215#p1215

I didn’t actually learn this trick here. I knew it from Freeciv 2.0 games we played years ago. I haven’t been using it much lately since there is a way to fix this with a server option — and we have been using it at freeciv.fi in our last games.

This unit used like this might be annoying but it isn’t actually a bug nor a cheat. I am using a stealth fighter here. It doesn’t show on the map unless you are in adjacent tile — just like submarines, stealth bombers, etc. When you have mechinf + fighter on the same tile, you cannot attack that tile with ground units, and attacking with air units will need to kill the ground unit first. Hence you need to loose good amount of shields to kill that.

Funny thing has been that most of our mistakes in the game — like cease fires running out when we were trying to unite all the world in one big alliance — has been taken as signs of cheating from our enemies. For example we lost great amounts of units just a few turns ago and left many cities undefended because of that, and still, they thought we had done something very frightening (leagal) cheating. Isn’t it sign that we are very skilled in mind games?

Playing LT30 as Koreans

It’s been a while since my English nation and United Earth in LT30 was invaded and mostly conquered. However England is indeed still alive and part of the worldwide nations fighting against the same common enemy. Sadly only England and Finns were able to escape from our homeland of United Earth but the resistance still continues. Westminster sadly was conquered, too.

However I’ve found a new home from the Noobish Squad playing Korean empire as a regent for Steelsk. Since I am part of their alliance now I cannot blog as openly as I’ve been writing. Although we have some videos coming up once I get permission to publish them.

One of my new passions playing Freeciv as Koreans was to setup an Intelligence Agency. Here’s a chart of my missions worldwide:

Playing these micro-missions each turn is actually more fun than I espected. Of course it would be even more fun if Freeciv supported this type of play better… but with little imagination, time and passion you can do a lot of things from the basic mechanism.

We also have a memorial wall:

[Check also Realtime updated version of Freeciv-LT30-MemorialWall-Korean.png]


Westminster is still holding

The British Empire is not RIP. We have not been stopped. Our great lands were flooded by belligerent and arrogant savages but that doesn’t break us. It makes us stronger.

The enemy has failed to conquer our capital and that capital is still standing at the same place. Some of our citizens have fleed to meet other friendly nations to join the arms as one coalition against this terrible threat.

You ask, What is our policy? I will say; “It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy.”

You ask, What is our aim? I can answer with one word: Victory—victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.

About my recent inactivity

You might have wondered why I haven’t published posts in several weeks… I’m sorry for that. First of all I had some technical problems — my laptop broke down and it was replaced — and then I had lot of work related issues to handle and lot of work to do. I simply  had to prioritize to get everything important ready.

However I didn’t stop playing but I guess my busyness might had some effect also on the quality of my playing. Anyway I have now ten cities — which is full amount before unhappiness in Despotism. I have made first diplomatic treaties and we have working tech trade in effect with friendly nations and we have organized it in Google Docs.

I have complete first level of techs (Alphabet, Bronze Working, Ceremonial Burial, Horseback Riding, Masonry, Pottery, Warrior Code) and some of the second level techs (Currency, Map Making, Writing).

I try to find more time to write a real journal this weekend.

Also I hope my first exploration ship will make into the header image of this blog soon. It was just put on water and made a small test run!

Playing LT30/T26

It’s turn T26 and my current score is 15 now.


I will finish Writing next turn and then I’ll have my first two diplomats turn after that — and first Embassy in three turns from now. I have already had talks with my neighbours for tech trading and we have also planned for a bit what we research together to minimize wasting bulbs.


My fourth city Manchester was built some turns ago. It’s now building Granary, too. It will be finished in 12 turns.

I started building Irrigations for Manchester four turns ago. I noticed that a veteran worker builds one irrigation/turn and I switched my level 2 road worker from building road to build irrigations.


I built Newcastle last turn and it’s my newest city. It’s also building Granary and will be finished in 13 turns.


Westminster is growing to size 3 in 2 turns. It will be building diplomats to be send to my neighbors. For the moment I’m building Settler but I will switch it to diplomat next turn when I’ll get Writing.


Birmingham is building Workers for the moment.


London is building Workers, too.


For the moment I am keeping the people of Liverpool as scientists to help me get Writing next turn. Liverpool has 15 food in Granary and -2 food for the moment but it will survive to the next turn fine.


It looks like I am the fastest researcher for the moment. That’s because I was rushing for Writing once more for few turns and these are based on my last turns state.

Top Cities/h3>

Looks like Texans have a size 4 city now. I’m not sure if that happened this turn — I had problems with my laptop yesterday and barely made the turn in time.


Playing LT30/T17-T19

It’s time for my 20th turn of LT30.

Since this journal clearly isn’t anymore daily I’ll be calling it simply as journal from now on.


I have researched 46 of 56 bulbs for the next tech. I am not sure if I should research for Alphabet… For example Masonry would be quite useful, too.


Westminster finished my first Settler few turns ago but grew back to size 2 on the next turn.

I learned that I had calculated wrongly the effect of Settlers or Migrants reducing the city size — I thought the granary would be half full (10 of 20) after the city has reduced to size 1. However either it doesn’t reduce the food or it’s half full added with the surplus food from that city for that turn.

For example London finished Migrants on this turn and it still has 19 of 20 food in granary and will be growing back to size 2 next turn. It can finish next Migrant in 3 turns or Settler in 7 turns. London had +3 food in surplus for that turn. These numbers don’t match up…

This brings out an interesting question: what if the Granary is over 20 when the Settler/Migrant is built? If it’s reduced to half of granary plus first surplus, it might be better to build Migrants than loose surplus food when producing shields for Settlers…

I’ll have my second Settler from Westminster in 3 turns.


London finished my first migrant this turn. I sent it to Birmingham where it was added to aid Birmingham in growing to size 2. I continue by building Migrants for now but I’m not sure if I’ll change it to Settlers later.


Birmingham is still building Warriors for basic security for my cities. I cannot use the Iron mountains fully yet because there isn’t enough food available. I would need better government before I can get more than 2 food from any of the nearby tiles. I’ll need to get one worker building mine here though.


Liverpool will also be building its first Settler in 5 turns.


Once again these stats don’t show the full truth. I guess it’s because I built Migrants this turn and some workers where not working tiles when these stats were generated on the turn change. Also my population is back to 100,000 because I moved migrants to Birmingham.

Top Cities

There’s now four cities of size 3.

Daily Journal – Playing LT30/T14-T16

It’s time for my 17th turn of LT30.

These last two turns have been interesting. I can now see for the first time if my plan to go for Pottery was good or bad. As you can see much has happened — three of my cities grew to size 2 almost at the same time with Granaries built at the same turn. It did cost me 16 gold (Liverpool) but I think it was worth it.


I had to change tax from 40% to 60% on turn T16 because my gold income dropped to -2/turn. That’s going to be just temporary fix. I intent to continue with max science ASAP.

I have 40 out of 56 bulbs ready and I could finish any 56 bulb tech easily in few turns.


Westminster did grow to size 2 on turn T15. Granary was built on the same turn and because of that it now has 17 food in granary. In 2 turns I’ll have my first settler and I’m soon building my fifth city. Westminster has 12 shield production because of mined coal and that buffalo tile — and because it is my capital.


London is also size 2 now since T16 and can grow very fast because it has two irrigated wheat tiles. It would take only four turns to grow to size 3. However I’m building migrants for Birmingham now.


Birmingham is still building warriors and workers for me. I moved the citizen to work on that Forest (Silk) after I took the screenshot because that gives me one bulb more — in expense of one less produced shields. In three or four turns I’ll have first migrants here.


Liverpool also grew to size 2 on T16 and is now building Settlers — it’s going to take 8 turns to finish.


This looks much better now.

Top Cities

As we can see first three size cities are here now — on turn T16.

Daily Journal – Playing LT30/T11-T13

It’s time for my 14th turn of LT30.

Sadly — once more — I skipped writing journal for some turns.


My Explorers are now scouting nearby borderlands. I stopped explorations until I’ll get ships.


It’s 7 turns now until I’ll get Alphabet. Unless I’ll change it… For the moment I’m planning for Writing.


Westminster will grow to size 2 next turn. Granary will be build on the same turn. However it should get benefit still — unless it’s different in LT30.


London will grow to size 2 in 4 turns and Granary is built in 2 turns.


Birmingham is still building Warriors. Soon I’ll start building Workers, too.


Liverpool has a small problem. It is growing to size 2 in three turns now but Granary is still missing. I changed citizens out of the peasant tile to slow down growing but it didn’t help much. In 2 turns it will still costs me 20 gold and that’s too much. I’ll have to change it to taxmen then until I’ll have enough gold.


My stats don’t look good now. That’s probably because I’m one of the last players without 2 sized city. However I’m pretty sure I’m still going to get my cities to grow faster because of Granary…


Here is my full map: