British Journal LT30/T53

It has been a while since I wrote about my game in LT30 last time. Sorry for that. I’ve been busy with my work.

It’s T53 and 1350 BC now. A lot has happened. British Empire is soon in Republic government, too! The revolt has started and is over tomorrow.

British population is 480,000 but that’s going to change once the celebrations will start.

The Republic

The new government will change a lot of things. I already started by selling my granaries from cities over three population. This will give total of 440 g from all of my cities once I’ve sold all of them. One granary gives 40 gold. Over three sized cities can grow much easier with celebrations than with food.

I have been trying to think how to use the gold effectively. There’s so much things I could do but I’m not sure what is the best option.

Alliance and Trade

We have a small alliance and a trading network and we would be willing to trade almost anything. We are willing to share embassies both ways. Just ask for diplomats and we can send them to you. We might be willing to sell techs for gold, too, but we prefer trading bulb per bulb.

About my recent inactivity

You might have wondered why I haven’t published posts in several weeks… I’m sorry for that. First of all I had some technical problems — my laptop broke down and it was replaced — and then I had lot of work related issues to handle and lot of work to do. I simply ¬†had to prioritize to get everything important ready.

However I didn’t stop playing but I guess my busyness might had some effect also on the quality of my playing. Anyway I have now ten cities — which is full amount before unhappiness in Despotism. I have made first diplomatic treaties and we have working tech trade in effect with friendly nations and we have organized it in Google Docs.

I have complete first level of techs (Alphabet, Bronze Working, Ceremonial Burial, Horseback Riding, Masonry, Pottery, Warrior Code) and some of the second level techs (Currency, Map Making, Writing).

I try to find more time to write a real journal this weekend.

Also I hope my first exploration ship will make into the header image of this blog soon. It was just put on water and made a small test run!