Chapter 3: Veiled Histories

Chapter 3 of Echoes of Eldoria.

In the secluded chambers of the Arcanists, far from the prying eyes of the world, Alex found himself in the presence of one of the order’s most esteemed members. The elderly historian who greeted him was known as Master Eldrin, a sage whose life’s work had been dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of Eldoria’s past.

Master Eldrin, with his long, silver hair and eyes that seemed to hold centuries of wisdom, gestured for Alex to follow him into the heart of the archives. “These halls,” he began in a voice that echoed with the weight of knowledge, “contain truths that have shaped our world, truths that have been kept from public eyes to protect Eldoria from its own forgotten power.”

As they walked among the relics and ancient scrolls, Master Eldrin shared tales of a civilization that once thrived in Eldoria, a society so advanced that their technologies appeared as magic to the untrained eye. “The Ancients,” he explained, “were beings of extraordinary intellect and vision. Their understanding of the natural world and their ability to harness its energies was unparalleled.”

In a chamber adorned with artifacts of a bygone era, Master Eldrin presented a series of devices that defied modern understanding. One device projected images from light, another captured and replayed sound, and yet another seemed to draw power from the ether itself. “These were not mere tools,” he said, watching Alex’s awestruck reaction. “They were symbols of harmony between civilization and nature, a balance that was eventually lost.”

Leading Alex to a secure vault, Master Eldrin unveiled its most guarded secret: the Heart of the Ancients. The relic, pulsating with a mysterious energy, was a crystalline structure that seemed to hold the essence of the lost civilization. “This,” Master Eldrin declared, “is the core of their legacy, a source of knowledge and power that could transform the world as we know it. But with great power comes great responsibility, and the misuse of this relic could spell disaster for all of Eldoria.”

Alex, gazing upon the Heart of the Ancients, felt a mix of awe and apprehension. The artifact’s intricate patterns seemed to dance and shift, as if alive with the wisdom of ages past.

Master Eldrin placed a gentle hand on the relic’s surface. “The Heart of the Ancients is not just a remnant of what was; it’s a reminder of what could be. Our role as Arcanists is to safeguard this knowledge, to ensure it’s used for the betterment of Eldoria, not its destruction.”

Alex absorbed the gravity of Master Eldrin’s words. The realization that he was now part of this ancient legacy, a protector of knowledge so profound and potentially dangerous, was both exhilarating and daunting.

“The burden we bear is not light,” Master Eldrin continued, his gaze meeting Alex’s. “But I believe you are ready to share in this responsibility. Your quest for truth brought you to us, and now your journey with the Arcanists truly begins.”

As they left the vault, sealing away the Heart of the Ancients once more, Alex felt transformed. He was no longer merely a scholar of history; he was now a guardian of Eldoria’s most profound secrets. The path ahead was shrouded in mystery and fraught with challenges, but with Master Eldrin’s guidance and the wisdom of the Arcanists, Alex was prepared to face whatever lay ahead.

The chamber’s door closed behind them, leaving the secrets of the past locked in their sacred keep. For Alex, though, the journey into the mysteries of Eldoria had only just begun.

[End of Chapter 3]

In “Veiled Histories,” the introduction of Master Eldrin as a mentor figure adds depth to the narrative, providing Alex with a guide through the labyrinth of Eldoria’s ancient lore. His presence brings a sense of gravitas to the story, grounding the fantastical elements with historical and emotional weight. As Alex steps further into the world of the Arcanists, his connection with Master Eldrin promises to be a pivotal aspect of his journey towards understanding the true nature of the ancient civilization and his role in the present.

Chapter 4: The Arcanum Revealed will be published later.

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Comprehensive Update on the State and Progress of the British Empire (Turn 95)

Esteemed Members of the Senate,

As your Prime Minister, I am pleased to present a detailed report on the latest developments and the current status of our great Empire. This report covers key aspects of our nation’s progress, strategic position, and future directions as of Turn 95 in our grand strategy.

  1. National Score and League Position: We stand at 587 points, ranked 8th globally, with a notable 5th place in the league standings. This reflects our strategic advancements and our strong position in international affairs.
  2. Population Growth and Urban Development: Our empire sustains a robust population of 35.86 million across 411 citizens, ranking 8th in both metrics. We govern 31 cities, indicating a substantial territorial presence albeit with potential for further urban expansion.
  3. Cultural and Structural Development: Our commitment to cultural and infrastructural development remains unwavering. With 281 improvements (ranked 7th) and 10 wonders (ranked 5th), our architectural and cultural prowess is evident and continues to be a focal point of our national pride.
  4. Territorial Integrity: The British Empire encompasses 844,000 sq. mi. of land, ranking us 11th in land area. Our settled territory covers 231,000 sq. mi., placing us 14th, which suggests opportunities for further expansion and settlement in our vast lands.
  5. Education and Literacy: Our literacy rate stands at an impressive 93%, the 6th highest globally. This is a testament to our focus on education and intellectual development, crucial for maintaining our edge in technological innovations.
  6. Economic and Industrial Strength: We rank 12th in both production (316 M tons) and economics (831 M goods), demonstrating a stable and growing economy. We must continue to bolster our economic strategies to enhance our competitiveness on the global stage.
  7. Military Prowess and Defense: Our military service duration is 9 months (ranked 14th). Our strategic operations have resulted in 15 enemy units eliminated (ranked 9th), with zero losses on our side, showcasing our military’s efficiency and strategic prowess. Maintaining a robust defense and enhancing our offensive capabilities remains a priority to secure our interests and protect our people.
  1. Environmental Stewardship: Our pollution levels stand at 11 tons, ranked 16th. This relatively low environmental impact is a result of our sustainable development policies, reflecting our commitment to preserving our natural resources and ensuring a healthy environment for future generations.
  2. Agricultural Output: An anomaly in our agricultural output has been noted (2 M bushels, ranked 32nd), potentially due to a reporting error. This matter is under review for correction and optimization to ensure food security and resource management.
  3. Cultural Development: Our cultural score of 2987 points, ranking us 10th, demonstrates our commitment to fostering the arts, history, and education. This is essential for nurturing the national spirit and maintaining a vibrant society.

In conclusion, the Great British Empire is in a state of robust growth and strategic strength. We face challenges, particularly in expanding our settled territories and enhancing economic performance, but our strengths in military, culture, and education position us well for the future.

As we progress, I recommend a continued focus on technological advancement, economic diversification, and diplomatic engagement. I am confident that under our collective leadership, the British Empire will continue to thrive and assert its rightful place as a leading power in the world of Eldoria.

I am committed to working closely with the Senate and all branches of our government to realize our shared vision for a prosperous and influential British Empire.

For the Glory of the Empire,

Prime Minister of the Great British Empire

Chapter 2: The Secret Society

Chapter 2 of Echoes of Eldoria. [Refined version 2]

Alex treaded cautiously through the labyrinth of Southampton’s lesser-known streets, guided by a trail of enigmatic clues he had painstakingly gathered. The ancient tome, a silent companion under his arm, felt like a key unlocking doors to hidden realms. His destination was shrouded in mystery, known only to a select few who dared venture beyond the veil of ordinary scholarship.

The city’s vibrant pulse faded into a hushed quietude as he approached a nondescript doorway nestled between shadowed alleys. This unassuming portal, to any passerby, was just another part of the city’s architectural mosaic. To Alex, however, it represented a threshold to a world unseen, a gateway to the clandestine and the arcane.

With a steadying breath, Alex pushed open the door and stepped into a realm that defied logic. The chamber he entered was a surreal tableau: walls lined with relics emitting a soft, otherworldly glow, apparatuses of unknown purpose humming with latent energy, and symbols etched in the air with luminescent trails. This was the sanctum of The Arcanists.

Tucked in a shadowed corner, Alex observed a gathering of figures, each cloaked in robes that seemed to weave starlight into fabric. Their conversation, a tapestry of hushed tones and cryptic phrases, spoke of an upcoming supernatural event – a convergence that could alter the very fabric of Eldoria.

As he eavesdropped, Alex’s mind reeled at the implications. The Arcanists, whispered about in academic corridors and dismissed as legend, were not only real but were also orchestrators of events that straddled the line between science and the mystical. Their knowledge, as vast as it was formidable, was a living testament to secrets long buried in Eldoria’s forgotten chapters.

The weight of his discovery bore heavily on Alex. Unveiling The Arcanists could upheave the foundations of known history, yet the danger of infiltrating such a society was palpable. The allure of their knowledge was intoxicating, but it was a path lined with peril and profound responsibility.

As the meeting adjourned, the participants dissipated like mist, their presence as ephemeral as the secrets they guarded. In his attempt to withdraw unnoticed, Alex’s foot brushed against a hidden switch on the floor. Instantly, the chamber was bathed in a sharp, revealing light. Frozen in place, Alex felt the weight of numerous gazes upon him. One of the Arcanists, a woman with piercing eyes that seemed to see through his very soul, approached him.

“Who are you, and why do you spy on us?” her voice was both stern and curious.

Alex, caught in the act, knew that any deception was futile. “I’m just a scholar,” he replied, his voice steady despite his racing heart. “I seek knowledge, the truth about Eldoria’s past.”

The Arcanist studied him for a moment that felt like an eternity. Then, to Alex’s surprise, her expression softened. “Curiosity has led you here, to the threshold of forbidden knowledge,” she said, her tone now more inviting than accusatory.

The other Arcanists, previously hidden in the shadows, emerged, their curiosity piqued by this unexpected intruder. They began to converse among themselves, debating Alex’s fate. Should they silence him, or could he, with his evident thirst for knowledge, be an asset to their cause?

“The world is not ready for what we safeguard,” another Arcanist argued, his voice laced with concern. “His discovery of our existence poses a threat.”

Yet, the woman who had confronted Alex raised her hand for silence. “Perhaps it is no coincidence that he has found us,” she mused. “Maybe it is time for a new perspective within our ranks.”

As the debate continued, Alex remained silent, aware that his fate hung in the balance of their deliberation. The risk he had taken by delving into the unknown had led him here, to a moment that could either spell his doom or mark the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

Finally, the woman turned to Alex. “We will not harm you, but your knowledge of us cannot leave this room. You must make a choice, Alex. Leave now and forget what you have seen, or stay and become part of something much larger than yourself.”

Alex’s heart raced as he weighed his options. The lure of the unknown, the chance to be part of a secret that could redefine history, was irresistible.

“I choose to stay,” he declared, his voice resolute.

The chamber erupted into murmurs of approval and apprehension. Alex’s decision marked the beginning of an odyssey that would entangle him in the deepest mysteries of Eldoria, an odyssey where the line between science and magic blurred into insignificance.

[End of Chapter 2]

In this chapter, Alex’s discovery of The Arcanists propels him into a hidden world of ancient secrets and modern enigmas. His decision to join them sets the stage for his transformation from a mere scholar into a guardian of forbidden knowledge.

Continue to Chapter 3: Veiled Histories.

Echoes of Eldoria: The Hidden Arcanum (Index)

Overview: “Echoes of Eldoria: The Hidden Arcanum” is a fantasy novel set in the fictional world of Eldoria. The story unfolds in about 30 chapters, each a blend of mystery, intrigue, and adventure, focusing on a clandestine society possessing advanced, seemingly magical technologies unknown to the public. The narrative intertwines with the ongoing events in Eldoria’s role-playing game, yet stands independently, allowing readers to immerse themselves in a world where the line between science and magic blurs.

Chapter Titles and Descriptions:

  1. Whispers of the Unknown
  2. The Secret Society
  3. Veiled Histories
  4. The Arcanum Revealed
  5. Shadows in the Streets
  6. The First Test
  7. Echoes of the Past
  8. Unseen Eyes
  9. The Relic of Power
  10. Crossing Paths
  11. Betrayal in the Ranks
  12. The Eldorian Night
  13. Tales of the Ancients
  14. Invisible Warfare
  15. Unraveling Mysteries
  16. The Gathering Storm
  17. Shifting Alliances
  18. The Hidden Threat
  19. Echoes Through Time
  20. Beneath the Surface
  21. The Price of Knowledge
  22. Forgotten Realms
  23. The Arcanist’s Burden
  24. Threads of Fate
  25. The Great Deception
  26. The Turning Point
  27. Revelation
  28. A New Dawn
  29. The Final Echo
  30. Legacy of the Arcanum

Conclusion: “Echoes of Eldoria: The Hidden Arcanum” weaves a tale of intrigue, discovery, and the blurred lines between science and magic. Each chapter builds upon the last, creating a rich, interconnected narrative that enhances the reader’s understanding of Eldoria and its mysterious underpinnings. The story stands alone yet subtly parallels the events of the game, offering an immersive experience for both readers and players.

Disclaimer: Please note that “Echoes of Eldoria: The Hidden Arcanum” is a work in progress, reflecting an ongoing narrative journey that intertwines with our live Freeciv game. As such, the content of these chapters is subject to refinement and evolution over time. Each chapter is published approximately daily, mirroring the twists and turns of our game sessions.

We encourage readers to embrace the fluidity of this creative process. Your engagement and feedback are invaluable as we continue to explore and shape the world of Eldoria. Stay tuned for each new chapter, and join us in witnessing the unfolding story in real-time!


Diplomatic Milestone: The Great British Empire Approves Median’s Pre-Membership Status

As the Senate of the Great British Empire of Eldoria, we are pleased to acknowledge the successful establishment of dialogue and the forging of an alliance with Milla, the leader of the Median Empire. The reciprocal exchange of maps and the granting of an embassy are significant strides in our burgeoning relationship.

In light of these positive developments, the Senate is inclined to consider the Median island for pre-membership status within the Great British Empire. This status will serve as a preliminary phase, allowing both our empires to further understand each other’s values, aspirations, and governance styles. It is a testament to our commitment to expanding our influence and fostering cooperation across Eldoria.

The Senate will convene to formally discuss and vote on this matter. We anticipate a favorable outlook towards integrating Median as a pre-member, laying the groundwork for potential full membership and representation in our esteemed Senate. This decision marks a pivotal moment in our diplomatic endeavors and the continued growth of our Empire.

Transcript of the Senate Session on Median Pre-Membership

Sir William Huxley (Senator of Island of Huxley): “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate, we gather to deliberate on the inclusion of Median as a pre-member. The exchange of visions with Milla symbolizes a newfound trust. I see this as a strategic move to extend our influence and maintain stability in the region.”

Lord Edward Barrington (Senator of Barrington Isle): “I concur with Sir Huxley. The Median’s military position and alliances could be advantageous. However, we must ensure our defense strategies align and that they pose no threat to our security. I vote in favor, with a cautious eye on our military interests.”

Dr. Alexander Montague (Senator of Montague’s Haven): “From an economic perspective, integrating Median could be beneficial. Their resources and strategic location might open new trade avenues. My support hinges on a thorough evaluation of Median’s economic policies and how they align with ours.”

Lady Catherine Harrow (Senator of Harrow’s Refuge): “I am inclined to support Median’s pre-membership. However, my vote is contingent on their commitment to social reforms and human rights. We must uphold our values and ensure that Median’s policies are in harmony with our principles.”

Reverend Thomas Fielding (Senator of Fielding’s Frontier): “The spiritual and ethical aspects of this union cannot be overlooked. I support Median’s inclusion as a pre-member, provided they share our commitment to peace and moral governance. Our alliance should be a beacon of ethical leadership in Eldoria.”

[End of Transcript]

Each Senator voices their unique perspective and considerations, reflecting the diverse aspects of the Empire’s interests. The transcript highlights the careful and multi-faceted approach of the Senate in evaluating Median’s potential pre-membership.

Final Decision of the Senate on Median’s Pre-Membership

After careful consideration and deliberation on the various aspects presented by each Senator, the Senate of the Great British Empire has reached a consensus on the matter of Median’s pre-membership.

The Senate has unanimously agreed to grant Median the status of a pre-member of the Great British Empire. This decision is based on the strategic, economic, social, and ethical benefits that such an inclusion promises to bring, along with the positive diplomatic relations established between our ruler, Trodoc, and Median’s leader, Milla.

As a pre-member, Median will now partake in a phase of closer cooperation and understanding with the Great British Empire. This period will allow both parties to align their policies and interests more closely, setting the stage for potential full membership and active participation in the Senate in the future.

The Senate acknowledges this decision as a significant step towards expanding the Empire’s influence and fostering a harmonious relationship with Median, enhancing the stability and prosperity of the region.

Journal of LT30 turn 70

It’s now time to continue my journals for LT30.

I’m sorry I haven’t had time to write more. I’ll try to write at least once a week from now on.

English year 750 BC (T70)


I am part of United Earth Alliance. It’s quite small alliance — actually more like an union.


I have 12 cities and I’m playing under Republic government. Aquaducts were built just a moment ago to most of my cities and I am starting celebrations again to get my cities to size 12 as fast as possible.

Here is screenshots of all of my cities.













Small Wonders

I have built Hanging Gardens and Colossus. I’m building Marco Polo’s Embassy at the moment. It will give +40% trade in each cities.


That’s it for now.

British Journal LT30/T53

It has been a while since I wrote about my game in LT30 last time. Sorry for that. I’ve been busy with my work.

It’s T53 and 1350 BC now. A lot has happened. British Empire is soon in Republic government, too! The revolt has started and is over tomorrow.

British population is 480,000 but that’s going to change once the celebrations will start.

The Republic

The new government will change a lot of things. I already started by selling my granaries from cities over three population. This will give total of 440 g from all of my cities once I’ve sold all of them. One granary gives 40 gold. Over three sized cities can grow much easier with celebrations than with food.

I have been trying to think how to use the gold effectively. There’s so much things I could do but I’m not sure what is the best option.

Alliance and Trade

We have a small alliance and a trading network and we would be willing to trade almost anything. We are willing to share embassies both ways. Just ask for diplomats and we can send them to you. We might be willing to sell techs for gold, too, but we prefer trading bulb per bulb.

Daily Journal – Playing LT30/T7-T8

It’s time for my 9th turn of LT30.

Yesterday I couldn’t get time to write a journal about my 8th turn. However I managed to do my turn hastily. Not much happened yesterday anyway.


Today I made contact to Basques ruled by Topyli. He’s also one of the guys from our local finnish game community. I also made contact to Normans ruled by Djoules.


Currently I’m researching Alphabet and done 8 of 56 bulbs. If I’m going to keep this pace I have researched it in 12 turns.

There is no penalty for changing tech targets in LT30. Two days ago I thought that there was because initial settings for the server were wrongly written and some settings were not activated. For my initial test games I had noticed that and fixed the settings for myself. Nobody fixed it for LT30…


Westminster is now building Granary and it will be finished at the same turn as the city grows to size 2 in 6 turns. By then I’ll have a mine built on that Coal tile, too.


Birmingham is my designed production city. I’m not optimizing it to any work but producing shields and units for the nation. Currently it’s building Warriors. Once I get my first migrants they will most likely come here.


My defence plans are well on the way. I have warriors now on all parts of my nation inside cities.

Demographics Repors

Once again I’m not sure if my ranking in production is good or am I just one of the last sharing the same ranking.

Top five cities

First three cities to reach size 2 on turn T7 were Pirate City of Port Royal, Texan City of San Antionio and Venezuelan City of Caracas. Now on turn T8 there’s at least five cities of size 2. I could have reached size 2 the same speed but I counted that it’s better to get Pottery first. We’ll see if I was right…