Glossary of Eldoria

Here’s a glossary of key terms, concepts, and elements related to the fictional world of Eldoria:

  1. Eldoria: The fictional world in which the game and associated narratives are set.
  2. British Empire: A major player in Eldoria, known for its expansive naval power and infrastructure projects like railroads.
  3. Senate of the British Empire: The ruling body that oversees new memberships and alliances within the British Empire.
  4. Median Nation: A recent addition to the British Empire as a pre-member, signaling diplomatic progress.
  5. Railroad Project: An initiative by the British Empire to build railroads on the new Median island, symbolizing development and integration.
  6. Patigrabana: A city strategically captured by the British Empire, marking a notable event in the game’s narrative.
  7. Lord Clyde: A warship of the British Navy that played a significant role in the capture of Patigrabana.
  8. Ironclads: Steam-propelled warships used by the British Navy for maritime operations.
  9. Southampton: A significant city in the British Empire, known for its military production, particularly cannons.
  10. Open Skies Accord: A proposal from the British Empire to other nations for shared vision and cooperation.
  11. The Arcanists: A clandestine group within Eldoria whose knowledge and abilities are akin to supernatural powers.
  12. Shared Vision: A game mechanic indicating alliances and shared strategic interests between nations.
  13. Milla Shahanshah: Ruler of the Median Nation.
  14. Lord James Kingsley: A fictional character as the Director of the Royal Intelligence Bureau in the British Empire.
  15. The Royal Intelligence Bureau: A fictional intelligence organization within the British Empire.
  16. Echoes of Eldoria: The Hidden Arcanum: A fantasy novel set in Eldoria, intertwining with the game’s events.
  17. Alex: Protagonist of the aforementioned novel, a young scholar exploring the secrets of Eldoria.
  18. Fielding’s Frontier: An island within the British Empire, an island with significant cities like Aberdeen and Stirling.
  19. Freeciv: The game platform on which the world of Eldoria is based, similar to the Civilization series.
  20. Civilization Series: A strategic reference point, indicating that the game mechanics of Freeciv are similar, thus influencing the gameplay and political landscape of Eldoria.
  21. Venezuelan Nation: One of the countries in Eldoria, recently contacted by the British Empire for potential alliances and map sharing.
  22. Captain Edward Hawthorne: A character associated with the British galleon Research, which established contact with the Venezuelan Nation.
  23. Trodoc: The Prime Minister of the British Democracy in Eldoria, involved in diplomatic communications and strategic decisions.
  24. Werewolves Nation: Another nation in Eldoria, with its own set of alliances and political stance.
  25. Finnish Nation: Identified as having a complex network of alliances and conflicts within Eldoria, currently researching industrialization.
  26. Karelian Nation: A nation south of the British Empire in Eldoria, recognized for its potential as a valuable ally or member of the British Empire.
  27. Mixtec Nation: A nation in Eldoria with a significant cultural impact and advanced research in corporate structures.
  28. Atlantean Nation: Known for its pursuit of peace and prosperity, and a potential candidate for the Open Skies Accord with the British Empire.
  29. Open Skies Treaty: A diplomatic initiative for shared intelligence and mutual defense, akin to the historical Open Skies Treaty.
  30. Patigrabana Operation: A military operation led by the British Navy to capture the city of Patigrabana in the Median Nation.
  31. Median Island: The geographical area associated with the Median Nation, now a pre-member of the British Empire.
  32. Lord Clyde: A British Ironclad warship instrumental in the capture of Patigrabana.
  33. Railroad Technology: A new technological advancement announced by the British Empire, indicative of progress and connectivity.
  34. Echoes of Eldoria: A fantasy novel series, with the narrative interwoven with the events of the Eldoria role-playing game.
  35. The Great British Empire: A term used to describe the collective strength and unity of the British Empire, encompassing its various territories and potential members within Eldoria.
  36. Sir Edmund Harrington: A fictional role of the British Foreign Minister, involved in diplomatic affairs within Eldoria.
  37. The Five Pillars of the British Republic: A historical and foundational document of the British Empire outlining its governance and values.
  38. Magna Carta of the Great British Empire: The constitutional document that defines the rules and principles of the British Empire, including its Senate and membership protocols.
  39. Falcon Envoy: A codename used in the operations of the British Empire, potentially for a diplomat or a covert operative.
  40. Ironclad Black Prince and Royal Alfred: Warships of the British Navy, partners to the Lord Clyde in the operation against Patigrabana.
  41. Steel Vanguard: The codename for a ground troop unit of the British Empire, likely involved in the capture of cities like Patigrabana.
  42. The Royal Intelligence Bureau: The intelligence agency of the British Empire in Eldoria, responsible for gathering and analyzing strategic information.
  43. Freeciv Book Blog: An online platform where stories and updates related to Eldoria and Freeciv are published, often linked with the real-time progress of the game.
  44. British Democracy: The governmental structure of the British Nation in Eldoria, led by a Prime Minister and characterized by advanced infrastructure and cultural achievements.
  45. Umeetiusbaarus: The leader of the Briton Nation, a neighbor to the British Empire in Eldoria.
  46. Blorb: The ruler of the Venezuelan Nation, recently engaged in diplomatic dialogue with the British Empire.
  47. Meton: The Consul of the Finnish Nation, recognized for its wealth and strategic alliances in Eldoria.
  48. Open Skies Proposals: Diplomatic invitations sent by the British Empire to various nations, seeking to establish a shared vision for regional stability.
  49. Eldorian Technology and Culture: A reflection of advancements and developments within the game, influencing the strategic gameplay and narrative elements.
  50. Aberdeen: A significant city within the British Empire’s territory on Fielding’s Frontier, noted for its engineering prowess.
  51. Stirling: Another key city on Fielding’s Frontier, known for its cathedral and cultural significance within the British Empire.
  52. Kampala: A city on Fielding’s Frontier with a granary, indicative of its role in food storage and distribution.
  53. Dragoons: A type of military unit produced by the city of Southampton, suggesting a cavalry-focused military strategy.
  54. Cannon Production: The city of Southampton’s specialization in producing artillery, demonstrating the British Empire’s emphasis on firepower.
  55. Barrington Isle: Another island within the British Empire, home to cities like Plymouth and Falmouth, contributing to the empire’s academic and naval strength.
  56. Montague’s Haven: An island featuring the city of Lerwick, known for its frigates, signifying maritime defense capabilities.
  57. Harrow’s Refuge: An island with cities like Grangemouth and Peterhead, also highlighting the British Empire’s commitment to education with multiple universities.
  58. Haldric: A leader in Eldoria, possibly associated with the Aleut nation, who provided clarifications regarding the confusion between the British and English nations within the game.
  59. British Navy’s Training Mission: Refers to the British Navy’s operations, characterized more as training exercises rather than acts of war.
  60. The Silent Ruler of Median: A term used to describe the leadership of the Median nation before establishing communications and alliance with the British Empire.
  61. Dialogue by Words or Swords: A phrase indicating the British Empire’s openness to communication, be it diplomatic or through conflict, as part of their strategic interactions within Eldoria.
  62. Pre-Membership Status: A stage in the process of joining the British Empire, where a nation is recognized as moving towards full membership but does not yet have voting rights in the Senate.
  63. Blue: The leader of Korea in Eldoria, mentioned as a potential contact for diplomatic outreach by the British Empire.
  64. Technology Advancement: Illustrates the progression of scientific discoveries and implementations within Eldoria, potentially driven by a clandestine group or natural development.
  65. Governmental Structures: The various forms of governance adopted by nations within Eldoria, like democracies, monarchies, and federations, each with its own advantages and limitations in the game context.
  66. Cultural Achievements: The accomplishments of Eldorian nations in arts and sciences, which can influence their global standing and internal development.
  67. Ukrainian Nation: A significant player within Eldoria known for its strategic diplomatic positioning, having armistice agreements with multiple nations and being involved in peace treaties with others.
  68. Space Travel: In Eldoria, space travel remains a forbidden pinnacle of technological achievement, vigilantly restrained by the Arcanists to preserve the world’s balance and prevent a cataclysmic shift in the fabric of reality.

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