Background Context for Arcanists’ Role in Tech Advancement

In the world of Eldoria, technological advancements occur not in isolation but are mysteriously influenced by the collective knowledge of civilizations. The Arcanists, a clandestine group with a profound understanding of Eldoria’s ancient technologies, play a pivotal role in this dynamic.

Their Secret Duty

The Arcanists’ primary objective is to maintain a balance in technological development across Eldoria. They believe that disparity in technological knowledge can lead to instability and conflict. To prevent this, they subtly disseminate technological insights to less advanced civilizations, ensuring a more even progression of knowledge.

Mechanism of Influence

The Arcanists use a network of spies and informants to monitor the technological progress of various nations. Once they identify a significant advancement known to a critical mass of civilizations, they employ clandestine methods to ensure that this knowledge becomes more accessible to other nations. This process significantly reduces the effort (symbolized as “bulbs” in the game mechanics) required for these nations to acquire the same technology.

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