Realms of Tumara: An Epic Geography

Amidst the rolling waves of an expansive sea lies Tumara, an island of breathtaking landscapes, each detail a brushstroke of nature’s grandeur and historical depth from the world of Eldoria.

Central Highlands and River Systems: The Central Highlands rise as the stoic spine of Tumara, their peaks veiled in the white of eternal snows. These mountains birth the island’s life-giving rivers, threading silver across the terrain. The Serpentine River originates from the Sentinel’s Crown, the highest point in the highlands, and unwinds its way through the heartland. It spirals past the city of Rai, known for its picturesque, bridge-spanned banks, before descending to the southern coast, enriching the trading city of Juupajoki, where the relentless turn of waterwheels signifies unending industry and commerce.

Forests and Plains: The northern expanse is dominated by the Great Forests, a dense canopy that transitions into the verdant Plains of Eldur. Here, the port city of Espoo stands at the forest’s edge, its docks a bustling nexus for the timber trade. Southwards, the River Elda graces the city of Hyrba, nestled between the arms of the fertile plains and the eastern foothills, its fields a sea of swaying wheat fed by the river’s nurturing flow.

Mountain Cities and Resources: The mountainside city of Haraiva clutches the slopes of Mount Arinna, its red-bordered territory rich with the mountain’s bounteous minerals. Southwest of Haraiva is Hadhaban, a city whose foundations are laid upon the riches unearthed from the depths of the western mountains, from where the River Had begins its journey, carrying the wealth of the highlands to the lands below.

Eastern Coastline and Maritime Strength: Savonlinna is a maritime stronghold on the eastern shores. Surrounded by forests, swamps, and hills, its center lies on unadorned plains, a testament to its resilience and independence, with its formidable fortifications rising from the cliffs to guard the wealth of the sea routes that skirt its borders.

Inland Cities and Networks: Inland, the city of Putaa stands between Espoo and Juupajoki, a hub of activity away from the coast, connected to its neighbors by the lifelines of roads and trails. Meanwhile, Rai, ensconced in the mountains and encircled by neighbors Putaa, Juupajoki, Hadhaban, Hyrba, and Hangmatana, is a city that has mastered the highland terrain, bridging the waters of the Serpentine River as it carves its way through the highlands.

Confluence of Cultures: To the southeast, Hangmatana emerges where the rivers meet, its presence marked by a wealth of knowledge and culture that flows as freely as the converging waters. It is a city where the Lyra and Serpentine Rivers almost seem to unite, symbolizing the city’s role as a confluence of commerce and wisdom.

Territories Defined by Nature: Patigrabana claims the southern plains, its yellow banners standing vibrant against the green. The River Lyra meanders gently through this territory, its banks cradling the city and nurturing its surrounding farmlands.

Beyond the Cities: And beyond the reaches of these bastions of civilization stretch the wildlands of Tumara. Here, in the untamed expanses, unnamed rivers cut through hidden valleys and secret groves, their origins and destinations known only to the wild creatures that call these untouched regions home.

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