Dispatch from Galleon Research – Korean Territory Exploration and Diplomatic Outreach

To: The Honorable Senate of the British Empire

Esteemed Members of the Senate,

I write to you from aboard the Galleon Research, currently navigating the waters off the coast of Korea, under the leadership of Leader Blue. Our journey, albeit delayed due to unforeseen repairs, has been fruitful in establishing initial contact and observing the Korean territories.

Upon our arrival, we encountered an English vessel, signaling the presence of our allies in these waters. Our visit to the city of Kwangju marked our first direct interaction with the Korean people. The city, bustling and sizeable at 21, boasts a robust coastal defense, indicative of their maritime capabilities. Its location on resource-rich grasslands ensures a prosperous shield and food production.

Further observations revealed Musketeers stationed in a fortress strategically positioned between Kwangju and Hamhung. The latter, a city of size 16, shares similar geographical advantages with Kwangju, being situated on fertile plains. To the southeast, rumors of another significant settlement, Wiryesong, reached our ears. Described as a city rich in resources such as buffalo, it mirrors the productive capacity of its neighboring cities.

The land between these urban centers is marked by hills abundant in mines and vineyards, painting a picture of a region thriving on both agriculture and mineral wealth. The surrounding waters, dotted with fishermen and the occasional whale, speak of a maritime culture deeply intertwined with the sea.

Our next step involves initiating dialogue for map sharing between Korean and English nations, a move aimed at fostering greater understanding and potentially opening avenues for collaboration. This diplomatic endeavor aligns with our mission to explore, connect, and establish peaceful relations with nations beyond our immediate sphere.

Following this, the Research will continue its mission towards the northeast, where uncharted territories await. Rumors suggest the existence of an island, possibly untouched by modern civilization, offering a unique opportunity for discovery and potential expansion of the British Empire’s influence.

Rest assured, the Galleon Research remains steadfast in its commitment to the Empire’s diplomatic and exploratory objectives. We will continue to navigate these foreign waters with the utmost diligence and report our findings to the Senate.

Edward Hawthorne,
Captain of the Galleon Research

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